DIRECT - DIsaster RECovery Team

  • Duration: March 2014 -  April 2015
  • Funding Programme /Grant: Progettualità studentesca PoliTO
  • Project Total Cost: 15.000 €
  • Departments involved:
    • DAD - Department of Architecture and Design
    • DIATI - Department of Environment, Land and Infrastructure Engineering
    • DIST - Interuniversity Department of Regional and Urban Studies and Planning
  • Abstract:
    • The DIRECT project (DIsaster RECovery Team) aims to operate on all Disaster Management (DM), from environmental vulnerability to an immediate response to emergencies, to post-disaster relief, passing through the Capacity Building (CB) to train the operators for a direct participation. This initiative aims to contribute actively to the protection of the territory, of the architectural heritage and environmental, architectural and archaeological assets, during environmental emergencies or in the case of goods subjected to dangers of even an ordinary, continuous type.  The project involves student teams based on issues relating to Geomatic Engineering and Professors from the departments of Environment, Land and Infrastructure (DIATI) and Architecture and Design (DAD) and Inter-University Department of Science, Planning and Land Policy (DIST).

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